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Envertech made a spectacular debut success in REI Expo 2016, exploiting India PV market
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After the popular 2016 InterSolar South America, Envertech continues to exploit India PV market by participating in 2016 REI Expo. Renewable Energy India 2016 Expo was held from September 7th to 9th, attracting exhibitors and visitors from different countries and regions. As a microinverter solution exhibitors, Envertech actively exploit India market and seek to make a new breakthrough.

India has abundant solar energy. Its total sunny days reaches 250-300 days annually. It can get a solar harvest for 1700 to 1900 kWh/kWp. Since most of the areas in India can get 4-7 kWh/kWp solar radiation, and the favorable government subsidy policy, it becomes one of the most potential countries to develop solar energy.

Envertech showed her star products, EVT248, EVT500 and EnverBridge, which became a hot attraction in this exhibition. Many visitors came for a detailed view and consultation,and they all speak highly of Envertech microinverter . In international market, Envertech is winning a good reputation by her cutting-edge technical support and excellent service.

After this exhibition, Envertech promoted her brand influence in international market and further laid a solid foundation for expanding Brazil PV market.


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