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The project of Haers 529.88KW microinvevrter PV system is under construction smoothly
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Recently, Envertech technical team is devoted to the project of Haers 529.88KW microinverter PV system. As the demonstrating project of Envertech microinverter first used in the large-scale commercial roof, it has attracted wide-spread attention from colleagues in this industry.

As we all know, Zhejiang Haers Vacuum Containers Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells stainless steel vacuum bottles, food containers, and vacuum flasks primarily in China. Thanks for its trust and belief to choose Envertech!

The total capacity of the whole project is 529.88KW. And 2038 Envertech microinverters EVT248 and 2038 pieces of YL260P-29b solar panel are used. At present, the project has been finished 35%. It is estimated to meet the requirement of grid-connection at the end of this September.

This will establish solid foundation for Envertech to expand domestic market. And we will keep the following update of the installation process. Please wait for our next good news.


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