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Thanks to the abundant irrigation of Amazon River, hydropower has long been the dominant energy source of Brazil. However, with the development of solar technology and the decrease of solar power cost, solar energy becomes emerging in Brazil. Since 2014, the Brazilian government has made great efforts to
Combination of solar power with fishing industry will be a tendency for the PV industry in our country even to the globe. President of the Chinese PV Agriculture Committee Zhang Yong believes that among domestic enterprises, the combination of solar power with fishing industry launched by Tongwei Co., L
Script FromCable Network May 13th,2016This week Ernst & Young released Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index Report, which compared and analyzed the renewable energy investment attractiveness of the major countries and regions of the world from five aspects, namely macro fundamentals, energy
A French consultive industry body, the Conseil Superieur de lEnergie (CSE), has increased draft government targets for renewable energy.The French government will publish the decree in a few weeks time, outlining ambitious renewable energy proposals that include solar capacity to nearly triple and onshor
More electricity has been generated from solar in the UK in a full day compared to coal for the first time according to analysis from Carbon Brief.The UKs solar panels produced an estimated 29GWh of electricity on 9 April, beating the 21GWh generated from coal and providing 4% of the countrys usage. Shef

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