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According to a recent report released by IHS Markit, annual global PV installations in 2019 are expected to rise by 18%, reaching a generation capacity of 123GW on the year. Image: IHS MarkitAccording to a recent report released by IHS Markit, annual global PV installations in 2019 are expected to rise b
LONDON—Spain has scrapped a tax widely criticised for undermining solar power in Europe’s sunniest country in an energy policy reversal that has also dimmed the outlook for coal power.The full scale of the new government’s plans will be revealed by the delayed publication of a draft cli
Solar PV has come a long way as a power generation technology. As highlighted in SolarPower Europe’s Global Market Outlook for 2018 to 2022, solar added 98 GW of net generation capacity last year, eclipsing all other forms of electricity generation. But solar needs to do a lot more, and to do it ve
The in-house market-research team at Solar Media has just undertaken its most comprehensive project discovery phase yet, in the past few weeks, revealing that 175 different sites can now be classified as active leads for companies engaged in the build-out of large-scale ground-mount solar farms in the UK
Much has been written and voiced over the past couple of months in the PV industry, following the so-called China-531 policy announcement that finally provided a wake-up call to Chinese manufacturers that their domestic end-market was not going to be allowed to maintain its near-exponential growth charac
Let’s agree that the limited reserves of fossil fuel and its growing impact leading to environmental degradation highlights a very costly, dangerous, and unsatisfactory future for our world. It is easy to understand that as the fossil fuel reserves near depletion, the cost of fossil fuels will rise
Solar power had a fantastic year in 2017, and growth in the industry is forecast to continue through 2018. Solar power was the fastest growing source of new energy last year, according to an article in theGuardian. The drop in solar modules has been a key driver for the solar market, particularly the sol
The lifting of political and cost-based brakes on European solar is set to awaken a sleeping giant, with subsidy-free solar projects potentially the norm all across Europe in just a few years.A combination of more and more countries hitting grid parity, the ending of the Minimum Import Price (MIP) on Chi
PV generation, a rising project, is entering hundreds of thousands of households. It can be viewed as a household appliance, an investment and an environment-friendly products. However, many people are unfamiliar to PV because of its fresh appearance, putting forward various kinds of questions. Let&rsquo
The PV inverter was originally named for its main function of AC-DC conversion, but as demands are increasing on PV systems, the inverter’s role has since expanded. This role expansion can be compared to how cell phones were once mainly used to make calls, but today smart phones have numerous other

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