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Photovoltaic System (PV System) is a power generation system using photovoltaic effect to convert solar energy into electrical energy. The PV System is classified into three different types——independent PV system, grid-connected PV system and distributed PV system.

Among them, the grid-connected PV system refers to the form that the generated power is connected to the national grid and serves as a supplement to the grid. Its major feature is that no battery is needed. Main components of the system include PV module array, microinverters, public grid and the monitoring system, as is shown in the figure below:

Envertech provides one-stop solution for grid-connected PV system and the full range of products related. The star products of the company - microinverter EVT248 and EVT500 have obtained multiple certificates with its high efficiency and stable quality, including VDE AR - N 4105, VDE0126-1-1, G83/2, AS4777, EN50438, EN62109, etc. In addition, a set of well-established monitoring system is equipped, which makes it available to view the PV system once logged in EnverPortal site. Moreover the monitoring APP EnverView applicable to both iOS and Android systems, allows you to manage your system anytime anywhere in your palm.


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