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Envertech will participate in Solar Solutions 2016 in the Netherlands

   From 16th to 17th in March, 2016 International Solar Solutions, the prestigious exhibition of solar power will be held in the Netherlands. As one of the most professional micro inverter systematic solution providers, Envertech will show its expertise with the whole set of microinverter system and the latest developed second-generation monitoring device, which is abound to be a beautiful landscape on the exhibition.  

   DNSEA, also Dutch National Solar Energy Action Committee predicts that by 2020, the electricity generated by solar power will account a market share more than 4000MW. The prediction is based on a increasing rate of annually 25%. Last year, the total installed PV system in the Netherland has been increased by more than 200%, compared to 2014. For Envertech, the high increase rate is not only an opportunity but also a challenge. 

   Solar Solution will provide a business and internet platform for all the PV enterprises. It connects Netherland with other solar markets, which in some ways, will improve the PV business and the market integration. Envertech will grasp this opportunity to show its more reliable technology, and make new breakthrough in the Netherland market exploration. 


Envertech is focused on solar microinverter solutions and seeks to become a most professional microinverter solution provider.

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