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Envertech completed her 76.44kW project successfully

In mid-August 2016, the 76.44kW microinverter PV system installed at Central City Square in Yangpu District recently was successfully connected to the national grid. The PV project is invested by the Wujiaochang Group as a demonstrating project, which uses the best-angle fixed installation and provides a part of green electricity to the Central Mart in the square.In the near future , it will be applied to each Wujiaochang Group's Real Estate Industry, Bussiness Service Industry, Automobile Service Industry, Overseas Investment Industry and High-tech Industry etc.

The total capacity of the project is 76.44kW, the main equipment is composed of 147 units of Envertech microinverter EVT500 and 294 pieces of 260W polycrystalline modules produced by China Electric Equipment Group, which are both leading companies in this industry. The project has already been on operation, whose average daily energy can be reached around 400kWh.

Envertech microinverter system uses the whole parallel circuit design, Each EVT microinverter is individually connected to one or two solar panels with every MPPT respectively for every panel. So if there is a component failure, only the energy produced from one PV module would be lost. This unique configuration minimizes the negative impact from environment such as shading, dust, orientation or panel aging and eliminates the possiblility of single-point failure, thus improving the system’s harvest to largest extent. The total energy capacity can increase by 5% to 25% . At the same time, the low safe voltage makes it reliable and stable. Also, the smart monitoring device makes it available for full overview of the energy harvest of every panel right in your hand.

We are now also devoted to prepare the factory roof project of Zhejiang Haers Vacuum Containers Ltd. . The total capacity of this grid-connected PV system is 529.88kW. It is expected to start next month. Hope this can be the first step for Envertech to try to explore distributed PV project market and promote microinverter solution.

Envertech is focused on solar microinverter solutions and seeks to become a most professional microinverter solution provider.

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