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Envertech exhibited at China Hardware Fair in Yongkang City

The 21th China Hardware Fair was held in Yongkang City from September 26th to 28th. As the most professional developing and manufacturing solar PV microinverter solution provider, Envertech made a successful exhibition at this splendid expo. Zhejiang Envertech Corporation Ltd. was at Excellence Hall in Yongkang International Convention and Exhibition Center. The well-designed fish tank, in which Envertech microinverters could still work normally showed her products were highly waterproof. The creative stand design also attracted a lot of visitors to come over and paid much attention to our booth.

As one of China’s largest-scale and the most influential Hardware Fair, China Hardware Fair is the top China Hard Grand Meeting, hosting over 4600 dealers running business on hardware products from all over the country. It is an important platform for companies to exchange the latest market news, open the domestic and international market door.

Envertech seized this good opportunity to show her kit of 300w panel, microinverter EVT248 and easy stand. The simulate PV system explained advantages of Envertech microinverter system, that is easy installation, no single-point failure, which ensures high-quality energy harvest with high MPPT accuracy. The installation example picture illustrated we could design both residential small system such as 5KW and commercial large-scale system about 528KW. The 25-year-long warranty was a big hit, attracting visitors’ attention.

Envertech has the most professional and experienced technical and installation team, and provides one-stop microinverter solution. Envertech strives to provide best user-experience to win respect from customers.

Hope this will be a mile-stone for Envertech to explore domestic market.

Envertech is focused on solar microinverter solutions and seeks to become a most professional microinverter solution provider.

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