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Envertech PV System In Qiantangtou Village,Yongkang City,Zhejiang Province

After the short holiday of the Labor Day in 2016, we finished the installation of Envertech PV System in Mr Lv’s House, located in Qiantangtou Village, Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province. And it was connected to the national grid the day before yesterday. The project was conducted by Shanghai Technology Team, and the total installation capacity is 5.2 kilowatts. The main equipment is consisted of 20EVT-248, 20 Trina 260W monocrystalline module, which are all the top products in this field.

Mr Lv does business all the year in Louyang, and his parents are both at their 90s. But when he learnt that the power generated by PV system is clean energy which is beneficial to both the country and people, but also can make money as a way of investment. Even when he is not at home, he can still monitor the real-time data through the monitoring website and APP-EnverView. So he decided to be the first person to try the new product in the neighborhood.

At present, the system has been running smoothly. It is expected to generate the total electricity capacity of at least 141,900 kw/h. And the total revenue will reach at least $ 150,000. At the installation scene, we have observed the satisfaction and happiness Mr Lv’s parents.

It is difficult to figure out the old grandparents are over 90 years old!

Envertech is focused on solar microinverter solutions and seeks to become a most professional microinverter solution provider.

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