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2017 Annual Meeting of Envertech Rounded off

Looking back, 2017 has been a memorable year for each Envertech family member. It brought us hope, harvest and more importantly, the precious experiences. 

To welcome the coming Chinese new year and strengthen Envertech family solidarity, 2017 annual meeting of Envertech SH team took the form of house party. With various activities such as barbecue and motion sensing games, Envertech family enjoyed a lovely night. In Yongkang branch office, Yongkang team also organized a joyful celebration party. 


General Manager Huo mentioned the following words in his speech:

Envertech family, as a young team, is still on the way to becoming mature and developed. But just because of youth, we are full of vigor and vitality. 2017 witnessed some changes of Envertech, which motivates us to progress. We are carrying out a more simplified corporate structure, a more efficient and well-organized working state and friendly colleague relationship without influencing the capacity of leadership and policy-implementation. In the future, we will do a better job!


Thanks for the hard work and dedication of every Envertech family member, we are confident in Envertech’s bright future.

More importantly, thank all of you who give us your ongoing support.

With your company, Envertech will continue to supply the most cost-efficient products and provide the most responsible and caring service to be worthy of your trust.

On behalf of Envertech family, I extend very warm Chinese New Year greetings to all of you. 

May your wishes all come true!

May felicity finds you and your family in everlasting happiness and great fortune!

Envertech is focused on solar microinverter solutions and seeks to become a most professional microinverter solution provider.

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