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The emerging and prospective PV market in Brazil

Thanks to the abundant irrigation of Amazon River, hydropower has long been the dominant energy source of Brazil. However, with the development of solar technology and the decrease of solar power cost, solar energy becomes emerging in Brazil. Since 2014, the Brazilian government has made great efforts to transform the structure of state energy usage. So Latin America represented by Brazil becomes the emerging PV market.

The current situation of Brazil solar energy

Although Brazil is hydropower-dominated, it has rich solar energy resources. Brazilian territory covers from 5 degrees in north latitude to 35 degrees in south latitude, mostly in tropical areas. The vast land areas lay a foundation for solar energy equipment installation. Brazil has a territory of 8.55 million square kilometers, ranks 5 in the globe, just prior to Russia, Canada, China and the USA.

The government policy

1. The solar energy auction system

In order to encourage more enterprises to get involved into solar energy industry, since the year of 2014, Brazil started to adopt specific auction system.

The introduction of auction system allows enterprises to effectively evaluate solar energy projects, and then make a reasonable offer. To some extent, it can ensure the corporate earnings, so as to stimulate their enthusiasm for investment.

2. Tax cuts

In 2016, January, the Brazilian House of Representatives Mineral Energy Committee approved an important resolution that if the PV panels can not be produced in local Brazil, the importation from other countries will be exempted from import taxes.

By way of tax cuts, it can greatly reduce the production cost of PV systems, and then stimulate Brazilian solar energy market. Although in the short term, the government reduced the government revenue. While in the long run, the development of solar market not only promotes new solar project investment, but also increases employment, and eventually promotes overall economic growth.

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