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Combination of Solar Power With Fishing industry -A significant innovation milestone

Combination of solar power with fishing industry will be a tendency for the PV industry in our country even to the globe. President of the Chinese PV Agriculture Committee Zhang Yong believes that among domestic enterprises, the combination of solar power with fishing industry launched by Tongwei Co., LTD has great innovation and development space. He indicates that it will bring a substantial harvest and income increase to farmers, enterprises and related parties. And its benefit is expected to achieve far more than the simple addition.

Combination of solar power with fishing industry is becoming a new development tendency.

The domestic PV industry is developing rapidly. According to the statistics by National Energy Board data, in 2015 China PV installation capacity added up to

4.318 million kw, and became the largest country in photovoltaic power generation capacity in the globe.

Zhang Yong shows that there are rich resources of light in China's western region, but it is away from the developed eastern areas of electricity consumptive region. While the eastern region also has more serious land resource constraints. So the PV industry requires urgently an innovative mechanism and innovative model. Tongwei launched "Combination of solar power with fishing industry", which is exactly the solution to this problem. In this way, it may be a significant innovation milestone for PV industry.

Zhang Yong noted the reason we call it the milestone is that this mode fully combines PV power generation with traditional fish cultivation industry. We install solar photovoltaic power plants above the fish farming water, which can not only promote the development of solar photovoltaic industry, but also will make full use of the aquaculture water, improve the output value of the unit surface, and better promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional fish cultivation industry, and finally realize leaping development to modern fishing industry. This is also a creative development model for solar photovoltaic industry and traditional fishing industry.

The reporter learnt that the pattern can also assemble modern fishery facilities such as internet of things, intelligent cultivation, intelligent aerobics, intelligent feeding breeze, smart mechanical fishing, intelligent pond bottom sewage equipment and so on. Compared with the traditional "agricultural photovoltaic hybrid" mode, it can not only save taking up valuable land resources, but also greatly improves feeding water environment, enhance aquaculture production, enhance the comprehensive utilization of aquaculture water and economic benefits.

Zhang Yong noted that" Combination of solar power with fishing industry" not only improves the income of farmers, but also promotes the local economic

development, improves the local ecological environment, and provides a highly -efficient, scientific solution to economic restructuring, energy structure optimizing, and full use of land resources.

Fishing industry will achieve better benefit than simple addition

It is noteworthy that, there are already many investors aiming at the PV industry, and has deep study in this field. And at the same time, a number of agricultural companies have also tried new model of PV plus agriculture.

The day before yesterday, A-share listed companies Tongwei (600348.SH) announced the acquisition plan of 100% stake in Hefei Granville Solar. According to public information, Tongwei, as a typical fishing company, mainly does business in Fishery Study, aquaculture cultivation and animal health. By this acquisition, Tongwei will enter the field of crystalline silicon battery business to further improve the existing PV industry chain layout, which is more conducive to the conduct of "Combination of Solar power with fishing industry" mode. In other words, we generate power above the water and then feed fish under water.

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