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Emerging markets surpassed Europe and become most attractive for investment in renewable energy

Script From Cable Network                                      May 13th,2016

     This week Ernst & Young released Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index Report, which compared and analyzed the renewable energy investment attractiveness of the major countries and regions of the world from five aspects, namely macro fundamentals, energy demand, policy implementation, project planning and technical potential.

     The report indicates that with the general decline in European markets, the investment attractiveness of emerging markets for renewable energy is increasing.

     Among the 15 most attractive investment countries, the United States, China and India rank the top three, and from 4 to 15 followed by Chile, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, France, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Britain, Morocco and Denmark. Among them, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and South Africa and other emerging markets rankings have increased substantially, while Europe, Germany, France, Britain, North America, Canada and Japan, Asia's ranking have declined.

     The report also implies that the United States ranks the top on the list because the US government will delay the implementation of investment tax credits. And it is expected by the year of 2021, the American wind power and solar power generation capacity will reach a new growth of 41 GW and 56 GW respectively.

     Germany will limit the proportion of renewable energy power generation to a range from 40% to 45%, which has brought great uncertainty to Germany long-term demand for renewable energy, especially onshore wind energy generation.

     Although Chile is not so large in scale, but its large-scale renewable energy investment plan is very attractive. For Brazil, despite the domestic economic downturn, the Brazil renewable energy sector is showing amazing development potential, the less-developed solar energy market in Brazil continues to attract investors from around the world.

     Editor of the report Ben Warren said that the emerging markets, mainly from the BRIC countries, are going on an energy industry reform at an immeasurable pace. Last year, the total energy investment in developing countries surpassed the developed countries for the first time, of which the growth rate of Latin America is very obvious.

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