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Real stuff |How many do you know about the ten questions on household PV microinverters?

PV generation, a rising project, is entering hundreds of thousands of households. It can be viewed as a household appliance, an investment and an environment-friendly products. However, many people are unfamiliar to PV because of its fresh appearance, putting forward various kinds of questions. Let’s see if you have ever met these questions?

Q: If the microinverters can be cleaned with wet towel or washed with water when they get dirty?

A: The working microinverters is electrified, so don’t wipe with wet towel or water wash. If the exterior of inverter get dirty, disconnect all the AC and DC points and unplug all the connection terminals. After waiting for 5-10 minutes, it can be cleaned by a dry towel dipped with organic volatile cleaning agent. 

Q: We have naughty children who usually climb up to play the microinverters. Is it safe?

A: The working microinverters are electrified and produce heat. Don’t let the children operate them in case of any danger.

Q: Is there any radiation when the microinverters are installed? Are they harmful to health?

A: The microinverters are qualified by strict test of CQC, so there’s no radiation or harm to health.

Q:If the cables of microinverters are bitten off by mice, what can I do

A: If the cables of microinverters are bitten off, call the after-sales personnel immediately who will dispose on scene. Don’t deal with privately in case of any danger.

Q:Since the microinverters are expensive, if they will be stolen when installed outside?

A: Usually the microinverters will be equipped with anti-theft device.

Q: Can I design a sealed anti-theft box for the microinverters to protect them from thieves

A: The working microinverters generate heat, so if they are put in the sealed anti-theft box, their cooling will be hindered. And if the temperature is too high, their output power will decline and also affect their lifetime.

Q: It is found that PV is profitable, so can I buy several panels and connect them with microinverters by myself?

A: In principle, you can. (In some areas, the projects should be undertaken by companies with installation qualification so that the installation can be applied for on-grid.) But please ask the professional personnel to install for the purpose of safety and reliability of installation quality.

10. Q:I don't think the direction which my microinverters face is good. Can I remove them and install at a better place by myself?

A: The microinverters shouldn’t be installed in the following places:

1) direct exposure under the sun

2) bad ventilation

3) exposure to rain

4) surrounded by sundries 

Please be free to place at other places. 


Although these questions seem nonsense, they are good materials to popularization of PV. When we are spreading the PV generation, it’s inevitable to meet such commonsense questions. We should explain patiently and after people know and recognize PV, more people will install PV systems. 

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