The headquarter and the factory of Envertech are in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province. In 2017, we opened our branch office in Shanghai. Now our S&M and R&D departments are based in Shanghai.

Envertech’s microinverter technology originated from the year of 2009. 30%+ of Envertech’s R&D team have more than 8 years’ experience with microinverters.

It is suggested to contact with your installer first of all for your convenience. But we also have a service/support system on our website where you can reach our tech support team directly by email or Skype or filling an online form.

Please go to the “How to order” page on our website.


Envertech microinverters have 25 years lifetime and we provide up to 15 years warranty.

Our current microinverter models cannot work with thin-film panels. The current DC input range of our microinverters is 18V-54V.

Our microinverter solution is currently an on-grid solution.

If you have EVB202, you can set the safety parameters using the function menu on the screen. If you have EVB300, you can set the parameters through the online monitoring system remotely.

According to the LED light status on the microinverter,
1. If the light blinks red, please check whether the connection between the MIs’ AC cables is loose.
2. If the light is dark, please check whether the connection between the MIs’ DC side and the solar module is loose.


No. Envertech monitoring device is optional.

No. Envertech has her own monitoring system. Her microinverters work with Envertech monitoring device only.

Yes. Our EVB300 has integrated local monitoring software, which means you can view or manage your system data on your computer or smart phone even without Internet.